Sunday, November 29, 2015

Overdue Wyoming / Yellowstone Update

This year I crossed off something that's been on my list for a long time: Yellowstone.  We spent 9 nights on the road, and had the most ideal late-September weather.  It didn't rain not once, and our luck overall was fantastic.  Here are the highlights:

Morning #1.  Guerilla camping in the Wind River foothills, waking up to cows on the horizon.

 Day 2: Brown Trout, Lewis Lake, Yellowstone.  Delicious.

Day 2(?): Spring near old faithful.

 Day 3: Yellowstone River.

 Day 4(?): Nic caught a beautiful cut-throat in Yellowstone Lake.

 Day 5: Our campsite in the Bechler Meadows of Yellowstone.

 Day 6: Bechler River, SW Yellowstone

 Day 6: Thermal feature in the area known as Ferris Fork.  What's most amazing about these springs is that they are at least 12 miles from the nearest parking lot, plus or minus.

 Day 6: Another shot of thermal waters from the Bechler River Valley.

Day 7/8: Sun setting in the Snowy Range (Medicine Bow NF) in Southern Wyoming on our way back. 

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