Monday, April 26, 2010

Castaways and Cutouts

As far as I can tell, Amsterdam is as perfect as a city can possibly be. It's well designed and connected, its beautiful and diverse, and is full of gorgeous and intelligent people (which makes them so tolerant and happy). All I can say is that I am jealous and I want that lifestyle.

I will live in a houseboat somewhere someday, though I doubt here.

Sunday stroll.

The Red Light district was better than expected. Compared to Barcelona the people seemed pretty well behaved- except for all of the obnoxious groups of English guys yelling insults at the girls. Without going on a rant, I just want to say that the British need to get off their high horses (read: bar stools) because they are by far the most annoying group of tourists I have ever experienced.

Chilling with the chill in Vondelpark.

Other people chilling with it.

Bikes as far as the eye can see, at the train station.

Sleeping accommodations for the first night. Things like this afford me my lifestyle.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Okay, first legitimate update in a while. But finally I have some travels worth talking about, mainly Albania, which is beautiful, cheap, and has some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. Highly recommended.

Pulling into the port of Vlore, after a 10 hour boat ride from Italy.

This is a walkway that cuts more than a kilometer through a lagoon near the ancient city of Butrinti, which is a stone's throw away from Greece and has a beautifully preserved Greek/Roman city.

Travelling buddy Karol walking along the path.

Old hotel along the beach of Dhermi, on the Southern coast.

Here you could swim and see snow-capped mountains at the same time. Incredible.

I think this sums up the country pretty well. Concrete bunkers leftover from times of communist isolation, a beautiful beach at sunset, and some litter for good measure.

View from out hotel, run by a super nice family that cooked us delicious fish caught by the father the morning of.

This photo sums up the interior mountainous parts of the country: snow-capped mountains, ubiquitous mercedes-benz, and old-style stone edifices.

Constantine or something, I really don't know or care.

A centuries old church left over from Ottoman times, I believe.

Town of Berat, looking down from the castle on the top of the hill featured in the following picture.

Ottoman style houses and a gentleman taking care of his business (i.e. on his way to sit in a cafe to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes all day).

Graffitti found in the town of Vlore.