Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This expedition was what I did in January of this year. Cool stuff.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend and Life: A photo essay

First of all: all of these photos courtesy of Ryan Sides.

The purpose of these photos, which were taken of the course of the last 4 days, is primarily to chronicle the summer of 2008. Lots of hanging out with bros doing ridiculous things.

I am fascinated with handstands these days and I am actually starting to improve my capabilities.
Slip and slide gathering with Stefan's dirty self in the foreground.
I rode Stefan down the slide a few times.
This is a popular picture and for good reasons.
My neighbor tried to throw this suitcase away. I claimed it and it has inspired traveling and laughter.
This scenes says a lot about our trip to the motains: shirtless bros, depants-ing, and scenery.
I true brotherhood picture.
A bro pic with a real life bro (see far right) whilst waterfall jumping.