Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The next big adventure

Tomorrow begins the next adventure and the beginning of a new, uncertain life. I have at least 8 hours driving to Madrid, and about 18 more hours of travel to contemplate the last 8 months of my life as well as whatever the next chapter may be. I am looking forward to being reflective, but also excited for all of the possibilities. Shall be a nice summer in any case.


Joe said...

Well your next big adventure has landed you in Durham, NC living with your insane, lovable friend Joe who is rather amazed that this all went down like it did. Welcome JB to your new life and next chapter. 2 Welbutrin taken in the early morn can do this to oneself and keep one awake until the early morning so I type away. Someday you'll read this and be highly amused! Until then, we'll just hang out here at the house. Be well, fine sir, be well, JE

Joe said...

That's 6 months to day post, you'd say hell no to coincidence, it is all perspective my man. If you believe in serendipity then flows naturally like a river from the headwaters to the sea.