Thursday, April 8, 2010


Okay, first legitimate update in a while. But finally I have some travels worth talking about, mainly Albania, which is beautiful, cheap, and has some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. Highly recommended.

Pulling into the port of Vlore, after a 10 hour boat ride from Italy.

This is a walkway that cuts more than a kilometer through a lagoon near the ancient city of Butrinti, which is a stone's throw away from Greece and has a beautifully preserved Greek/Roman city.

Travelling buddy Karol walking along the path.

Old hotel along the beach of Dhermi, on the Southern coast.

Here you could swim and see snow-capped mountains at the same time. Incredible.

I think this sums up the country pretty well. Concrete bunkers leftover from times of communist isolation, a beautiful beach at sunset, and some litter for good measure.

View from out hotel, run by a super nice family that cooked us delicious fish caught by the father the morning of.

This photo sums up the interior mountainous parts of the country: snow-capped mountains, ubiquitous mercedes-benz, and old-style stone edifices.

Constantine or something, I really don't know or care.

A centuries old church left over from Ottoman times, I believe.

Town of Berat, looking down from the castle on the top of the hill featured in the following picture.

Ottoman style houses and a gentleman taking care of his business (i.e. on his way to sit in a cafe to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes all day).

Graffitti found in the town of Vlore.

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