Thursday, January 24, 2008

Currently stationed in Moka- a village on the southern end up Bioko Island located at about 4,400 ft. asl. Got here yesterday and so far I am loving it. The temperature is perfect and the scenery fascinating. It did get very cold last night to the point that I was uncomfortable in my thin sleeping bag. I slept on the observation deck that you can see above since there aren't any bugs really to speak of. I have been hanging out and doing a lot of exploration. Thus, I present you with pictures.
We are pretty much holding it down in a cleared out abandoned house that is part of the Moka Wildlife Center. Its very comfortable and convenient. Here I am posing in what I think is an awesome portrait setting. I like taking pictures of myself.

To Be Continued: they are about the shut the generator off so I have to sign off. More later.

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