Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bioko Island

Two of the very few shots that turned out after a weekend trip to "the French beach" just north of Luba, EG. My lens was dirty so this is the best that I have for now.

Theres so many things that I could say about living in Africa. I have only been here for 5 nights and already I have had more fun that I usually do in several months. Its a completely different world, and for now, I will leave it at that, although it was an obvious statement.


Stefan said...

Those pictures. Pretty simple, but pretty sweet. I'm assuming that the house is someone's? Is it where you're staying? Also, are you tech savvy enough (and able) to create some sort of bro-chat v.1.0 on this here page? I don't know how many kids actually check this page, but still.

Justin said...

That is just a jungle house of some sort near the trail we use to go to the beach. I think it was being used for storage. The house I live in is in the city but not very picture worthy. Still, I will see what I can do.

I will look into the bro chat thing, I think its a good idea really.