Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life Plan in Maps

So just about every day I come up with a new idea for different "chapters" of my life. Why should I stay in one place and start down a career path that will leave me grounded in both place and time? I figure I would rather do all sorts of things, from being a fisherman and living on a boat to working with mentally disabled people. In the past 2 months, this is the best short term life plan that I have formulated so far. I won't even try to put these in order, but I know that in the next 2 years of my life I want these things to happen. Of course there will be more and possibly better things to come.

Idea 1:
Go to Cuba for a couple months in order to obtain fluency in Spanish. Preferably live in La Habana. Simple enough.

Idea 2:
Ride a bike across Canada starting in Halifax, Nova Scotia and ending in Vancouver, British Columbia. I reckon I could easily do between 100-150km a day, which means it would take probably 3 months if I took my time and visited family and friends along the way. Obligatory stops in Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, and Calgary.

Idea 3:
Move to some sort of Island in the Pacific. Hawaii, Galapagos, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Fiji, whatever. Perhaps my biology degree or language skills could come into play here. Hawaii could probably be done pretty easily since its a state with lots of Biology positions. The obscure South Pacific could possibly be done via the Peace Corps if I ever get the money and desire to apply for Naturalization. Or if I convince my girlfriend into marrying me so that I can get papers (or if I get married to Ryan in a state that recognized gay marriage).


Lise said...

And which bank will fund these lofty goals?

Justin said...

The United Bank of Mom and Dad.