Monday, October 12, 2009

Patatas Bravas

As I often say, I have been living the dream. I don't work exceptionally hard and don't mind teaching, though it is hard to really know what the rest of my 7.5 months is going to be like because so far I haven't been participating much in classes. Rather, I've just been an observer, so I haven't had to come up with any lesson plans or actually lead any activities for my students. I've been limited mostly to introductions and brief conversations with only students in my English classes. Turns out that because I am part of some experimental project that integrates English across different subjects within the entire curriculum, the majority of my classes are actually not even English classes. Thus, I have anything from a computer operating systems class to graphic design. Its strange because I am honestly not sure what my purpose since they aren't actually language classes. I understand that students can learn a language better when they are exposed to it more often, but theres no guarantee that somebody in a science class actually studies English- he or she could study French or Italian as their required foreign language. Now I also understand that some classes, i.e. technology and operating systems, require an understanding of English because it is the international language and the subject matter is appropriate. But I am not sure what I can offer a class of 17-18 year olds who are learning to take care of nursery school kids (this also accounts for 2 of my classes). Nonetheless, I am keeping an open mind and hope that I can help Spanish government achieve the goals of its project.

As for the rest of my life in Spain, I can't complain one bit. Last week I took a placement test for an intensive Spanish class that will start sometime in January through the official school of languages. I am also supposed to be participating in an Spanish discussion group until that starts, but I'm still waiting to hear back. Additionally, I will be leading my own English conversation group in exchange for free registration for the class in January. Both will require an hour a week each, but thats no problem because I have a lot of free time. Speaking of free time, here is what I have managed to accomplish lately:

Very famous view of the river going through the middle of Girona.

Another angle

Looking south.

A colorful tree up in the old town.

A couple enjoying a romantic moment in a nice little courtyard area near the church. I have no idea what its called but its very nice.

Shot while wandering around the old town.

The city itself, taken from one of the lookout towers along the old defensive wall.

Said defensive wall.

A convenient little ladder for those looking for a view. This is just in a random parking lot towards the top of a hill.

Not sure what this is.

The rambla, a nice place for an often tourist infested stroll.

Looking north along the river.

The same shot with a twist.

This is actually Parque Ciutadella in Barcelona. It was the nicest picture that I took while I was there last weekend.

This is in the coastal town of Sant Feliu de GuĂ­xols, a 45 min bus ride from home.
The monastery in Sant Feliu.

The nice beach that I shared with lazy Catalonians.


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Boy, you sure are leading the "Life of Reilly"! I am in Oakland, CA beating off the raccoons on my front porch!Love ya, Mom

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