Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have been really slack about posting over the past year or so, but that is about to change due to upcoming relocation to Spain. But I am going to start the ball rolling again with some pictures from my recent trip Argentina. The pictures uploaded out of order but I will try to narrate the best of my ability.

A rear view of the farm where we lived at for the majority of our time in the country.

The farm is surrounded by cattle pastures. This is where all the cows that die naturally are left to rot.

One of many dogs I came to befriend while I was there. This is my favorite, and his name is Rocky. He loves raw rabbit meat.

A soft and furry Chinchilla friend.

Kathia is pretty cute too.

Close up taken in the boneyard.

The boneyard.

A cool tree on the property.

A little river with swans flying away.

The old lady and I riding gaucho style.

Guido was a blur on his surprisingly fast midget horse.

Our preferred rabbit hunting method. Not even kidding.

A line of trees at sunset.

The cows hanging out. We even got to see a live birth one day, it was pretty cool, especially watching the little guy stand and take his first steps.

Baby cause I'm a thug.

We were invited to a traditional Argentine barbecue at the simple home of el herrero ("the handyman"). The food was delicious and our hosts were very interesting. A truly unique cultural experience indeed.

The man who made it all possible. Our host and translator, Guido.
I got the Rhino stuck because I was watching sheep instead of what was ahead of me.

We watched this corny but entertaining dancing light show in the super cool city of Cordoba.

The Canal in the western part of Cordoba.

Theresa and I went to about 4 different art galleries and I tried to be artsy by taking this picture.
And this one.

Obligatory panorama of Buenos Aires.

The middle Sierras on the bus ride from Mendoza to Cordoba.

More middle Sierras.

And some more.

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jesse said...

looks like a killer trip. you better be posting pictures while you're in spain.