Monday, October 13, 2008


Once again time finds me at a strange point in my life, this time as I cope with the stress of assimilating into a structured adult life. My creative energy quelled by the time and psychological constraints of school, I often feel overwhelmed with a desire to pursue an epic adventure. Thus, I have determined that I owe it to myself to embark on some sort of ridiculous journey this summer after I graduate. South America is in my sights, and I hope to make it the focus of my planning over the next 7 or so months.

Tomorrow I head to California to visit my brother in California. I'm absolutely excited to be skipping town since I have hopes of clearing my head, but I am more excited about seeing my brother, who also serves the role of my best friend. We have a brief plan of what to do over 5 days, but in any case I am sure we will entertain ourselves and anyone else who crosses our path. We may be going to Santa Cruz, for no other purpose than just to go and see something new.

I also decided that I am going to partake in my own weekend adventures. I want to revisit Charleston and Washington DC among other places, mainly for their nostalgic value. Plus, I have had dreams of storming DC on bike for 2 years now and instead of just talking about it I am going to up and do it by the end of the year (yes I am setting a personal goal). Then I am also hoping to go to Montreal in January simply because I have a hell of a lot of time for winter break and feel it would best be spent out of the country. Spring break should yield a ski trip in Colorado. The idea of being mobile enthralls me, as the reader probably already knows since it is all I talk about.

Perhaps one day I will write something more interesting and less involving my agenda. I feel motivated to write beautiful things, or at least to write about beautiful things, all of the time but it never materializes. Perhaps if I could escape my little Chapel Hill bubble more often...

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jesse said...

enjoy berkeley, it is a lovely little town. and epic adventures are the only way to go; you only live once or twice.