Thursday, May 1, 2008


I am in Casablanca at the moment counting down the minutes until I get out of here. Morocco is a beautiful country but I honestly don't care much for the people that inhabit it. So many people try to cheat and scam us that it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Not to mention other aspects of their culture/religion that really annoy me such as how women are neglected and animals are mistreated. I have enjoyed my time here but I am in no rush to come back, or to visit any Arab country for that matter. Of course, I also say this at the end of my trip when I haven't been home in over 4 months.

So tomorrow I shall be living in up in Madrid and then I will be on my way home to the good old NC. Until then, enjoy these photographs.

The high atlas mountains.
The autonomous Spanish city of Ceuta, in Africa. My favorite city on my "Moroccan" journey.
Chefchaouen, a white wall city in Northern Morocco.
A nice little lagoon in Moulay Bousselham, where we spent a night.

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