Saturday, February 9, 2008

P a n o r a m a s

Back in Malabo and with (shady) internet connection. Moka was beautiful and everything, but its nice to be sleeping in a bed and to be eating something different besides rice, beans, and spaghetti three meals a day. Picture time.

Take a good look at this beautiful girl. My research project focused on surveying the bat fauna of the island and we caught this unidentified species a few days ago. We sent pictures and dimensions to the foremost bat expert for Bioko Island, to which he replied something along the lines of “this bat is going to be interesting to identify.” Bats in equatorial Africa are under studied so who knows what will happen. I just think this is a gorgeous creature.

Chamaeleo faea. Very interesting creatures that are next to impossible to find. This girl was pretty reliable though.

This is a young tree hyrax that one of the research volunteers adopted whilst on the Caldera expedition. Sadly enough it died a few days after this picture was taken but such is the course of life. The elephant is the closest living relative to the tree hyrax.

Here is a field of bracken fern atop Pico BiaĆ³, somewhere around 1,900 meters above sea level.

The cascades were very impressive. Just to give some idea of the size of these things, I will note that the above picture is a composition of three photos taken in a portrait orientation and stitched.

The crater lake just over the peak. Absolutely gorgeous. Sorry for the inconsistent sky tones from the photo stitching.

A cow pasture to the west of the village.

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kmschmidt said...

These pictures are absolutely AMAZING! Its nice to see you getting good use out of your camera.

Justin said...

You helped pay for it... thanks.

jesse said...

new city and colour is quite good. harmonicas and banjos are a welcome addition. i like it so much that i am actually considering purchasing it.